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FAQ about Driver Education

Learning to drive is an exciting time of anyone's life, so of course, you'll have questions. Mr. D's Driving Center has answers. Find answers to our most common questions below, or give us a call at 903-984-3843. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Teen Driver Education

How old does my teen have to be to start a driver education course?

When can I obtain my Learner's License (permit)?

My teen is ready to get a permit, what documents do I need?

How old do I need to be to take behind-the-wheel (laboratory portion of driver education) lessons?

My teen did the classroom portion of driver education online, but I want you to drive with him. Do you offer just the behind-the-wheel service?

My teen has completed driver education, but I'd like to have them practice more with an instructor. Do you offer that service?

Road Test

What documents do I bring for my road test?

Does the student's name need to be on the vehicle's insurance policy?

We just purchased a vehicle, and it still has dealer's plates (temporary, paper license plate) on it. Will this meet the vehicle requirements?

Will you still administer the road test if it is raining?

What do I do after I pass my road test?

What if my permit expires before I take the road test?

Do I need to provide a vehicle for a road test?

Adult Driver Education

I'm an adult. How do I get a permit?

When are the adult driver ed classes?

General Information

Where do I find my course completion certificate if I took an online course?

Which vehicle will I use for a tutorial?

May I use my temporary (paper) permit?

What is a Verification of Enrollment?

Can I pay over the phone?

What is your refund policy?

What if I miss my drive time?